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BLOCK : HEAD - Symposium 2008 | Declared Dead and Still Breathing
The meaningful motto "Way : Out : Art" marked the July 2007 event, which was carried out under extremely difficult conditions, and, due to a chronic shortage of funds, was threatened with immediate closure. The public reception of this miserable situation, however, was extensive and reactions to various "obituaries" in the media very reassuring. Within a week plenty of sponsors und patrons could be found so that last year's symposium managed to score not only artistic success but also a small financial one.

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As a result, planning and co-ordinating "Block : Head", the 7th Symposium in Maria Saal, turned out to be comparatively simple and, if all be true, then the event's immediate future is also secured.
Maria Saal will host the event three more times. In 2011, the crowning finale will see a symposium in which as many artists as possible of those who worked here over the last ten years will take part. This perhaps historically largest congregation of sculptors should achieve not just artistic but also social merit. More precisely, we are working towards finally realising the footpath between the cathedral and the open air museum, which we are going to turn into a sculpture trail. Further, it is imperative that we set up good and valid places for the remaining art works, so that the community is furnished with a new attraction and that these art works may, for many years to come, delight and inspire locals and visitors to Maria Saal alike.
Mag. Heinz Ch. Hammerschlag, Organisator,
Maria Saal, 2008


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