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Ten experienced artists of the Alpen-Adria area live and work for ten days in the centre of Maria Saal. Visitors get the rare chance to talk to and be inspired by the artists and witness their creative processes.

The symposium in Maria Saal is always in motion. It opens up spaces, creates new paths and makes land accessible. Land reclamation is made peacefully, through art. The symposium is complemented with a top-notch mix of diverse, contemporary art forms.

The beneficial nature of the symposium is well acknowledged by now: free access to art, fresh impulses for art production, a market place for art, lasting enlivenment of the place centre, creation of a public and traffic-free area, broadening of educational and touristic facilities, internationalisation and strengthening of the Alpe-Adria spirit, publicising of fair trade and climate protection activities as well as the distinctive positioning of Maria Saal in Carinthia's cultural landscape. That is to say, as a place in which tradition and innovation find common ground; as a place, in which both classical and modern art have a seat and a voice.

Mag. Heinz Ch. Hammerschlag, Organiser,
Maria Saal, Juli 2006


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